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Welcome back to Wandering Wednesdays, formerly on Bew!ldered Bug and now on Bug ReBorn!  Every few Wednesdays, as I explore my surroundings, I’m going to post something about the area that I find awesome, inspiring, funny, beautiful …. something to help me appreciate my surroundings more and something to show you what beauty there is all around you and to introduce you to the beauty in other parts of the world wherever you may be!

This week I wanted to share this gorgeous covered bridge in Wakefield, Quebec – just a short drive from where I am now (yes, I know I’ve been a lot of places and it’s hard to keep track).  I’m planning on going back, because I actually drove up there when it was buried under snow, but it’s such a beautiful little town, I KNOW I have to go back to wander around soon!  In the meanwhile – here’s the Wakefield Bridge in the midst of Canadian winter!

BugReborn at the Wakefield Covered Bridge
This little bridge made me so happy that I went LOOKING for a place to park and risked my life skating along road ice in my non-winterized Sketchers.
The Wakefield Covered Bridge is so picturesque!
The Wakefield Covered Bridge is so picturesque!
So in love with the Wakefield Covered Bridge!
So in love with the Wakefield Covered Bridge!
View to one side of the Wakefield Bridge.
View to one side of the Wakefield Bridge. The river was pretty tumultuous but oh so cathartic to be near to!
View from the other side of the Wakefield Covered Bridge
Wakefied was SO gorgeous, even when buried under several feet of snow and ice.

I wish I took some photos INSIDE the bridge because it was such a surreal experience. I’ve never been in a covered bridge before, but I know it’s a pretty popular thing around the USA. I am going to have to track a few of these down!

Also, if you’re heading up there, there’s a park near the bridge (where I parked for this visit) where there is apparently a waterfall along one of the walking paths.  I’m going to try to do it this summer.

Unfortunately, the path in the park currently all flooded (according to a friend who drove up there recently) #Ottawaflood2019 #Gatineauflood2019 #Quebecflood2019.  Hopefully everyone in Wakefield is safe, and I can walk up there this summer!

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