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So not all of my #ThrowbackThursday posts are going to be epic – some are just going to be rather boring.  Some are going to just be me ranting.  Some are just going to be posts I still appreciate… like this one.

If you remember, I used to do what I called “Quickie Posts” on my old blog.  This is one of them that makes me smile – because now that I’m back in Canada, I still look forward to seeing Canada Geese nesting, as my proof that Spring indeed does come every year!!!  I hope you enjoy this little blast from the past blog as much as I did!…..

This blog is so overdue….not that Spring has been around for such a long time in Toronto, but because I noticed its effects a few weeks ago amidst all the gloomy, grey, “London-type” weather we had for 2 weeks straight.

Those weeks were really straining me this year – but then again I seem to say that every year…but no, really, THIS year was HORRIBLE!  I started getting really depressed with no end to winter in sight…..then…I saw it….and started a celebration party in my head…..Canada Goose Poop.

Two Canada Geese hanging out  (summer 2010)

Seriously!  Where there is poop there are Canada Geese – where there are Canada Geese, warmth is not far behind….

So imagine grumpy (and sleepy – first thing in the morning) little me walking into work and almost stepping into the dark green, navyish looking poop….it was runny too because the rain was coming down.  I saw it at the last minute and stepped to one side only to find more!!  And that’s when I realized what it was and started celebrating.  Anyone in the windows above must have thought I was crazy…I did a little jig into the building and then remembered I was at work blllleeeaaahhh!!!!

So that’s not the only thing that makes me happy….after the 2 weeks straight of grey skies and pouring rain and ridiculously cold, strong winds, I saw the LAWN – seriously – the green just jumped out at me and said hello.  This was possibly THE happiest moment for the year thus far…..After seeing green, I saw dandelions….and now…now they CUT THE LAWN!!!  I’m SOOO happy – summer is not too far behind 🙂

The last thing I’ll say, is yes, about Canada Geese again.  I was in my bumper to bumper morning commute on the highway and was happily soaking in all the “green” I could get – this meant staring at the grass dividers between the highways for as long as I possibly could….and I noticed two Canada Geese wandering around one of them….this got me even happier because now I’ve actually SEEN the geese – so I KNOW Spring is here and Summer is soon to come.  As I was about to move on, I noticed a little movement behind one of the geese …. sure enough, the little yellow and black ball of fluff came into view….a gosling.

Happiness abounds…………

Happy Spring to all!  May you find joy in the simple things….

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