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It’s been nine months.

Nine months of exhaustion, headaches, dizziness, medical appointments, physio appointments, chiro appointments, painful RMT appointments and random physical implements to help me function on a daily basis – all of which describe the life of someone with post concussion syndrome.

I am so fed up.  I feel like I’ve lost all of 2019, but then I take a closer look.

Yes, I lost the months where it was so icy and cold outside that I would have had no clue how to survive in the outside world, were I able to move from my couch/bed, read, listen to a radio or look at a screen.

Yes, I lost time to plan my wedding that was going to go way over budget if I had actually included everything I wanted to in the day.

Yes, I lost time and energy and willpower that was needed to purchase several inappropriate homes with my new husband, so were forced to let them go in lieu of the one we eventually bough.

Yes, I lost the ability to drink copious amounts of alcohol in order to alleviate the stress I get from work.

Yes, I lost the ability to do the most gut-wrenching, pedantic and possibly brain-and-eye-damaging task, resulting in me having to get a group of amazing juniors to work as a team under my guidance at work and my now having much needed experience for my resume.

So yes, I lost nine months.  I’m still struggling with my post concussion syndrome. But yes, I was able to do more in those nine months than I have in a long time to improve myself, my career, my relationship and my life.

So yes.  It has been a long nine months.  And I’m ok with that.

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