It seems only appropriate that as I am planning my second wedding, I start this blog.  This is because my first blog, Bew!ldered Bug, was started as I was planning my first, and was forced to shut down after my first marriage messily fell apart for my privacy and safety from a certain person involved.

It is with GREAT pleasure that I announce that I’m back online.  I’ll slowly be re-populating this blog and won’t quite be ready for monetization just yet.  In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy reading whatever I have to come up with.  I’ve grown SO much and SO much has happened over the last three years that I can’t wait to catch you up on!

I will also slowly be bringing back some of my features such as #wanderingwednesdays and maybe even #mentalhealthmondays (latter in a possibly slightly different format).

If you loved me before, I really hope you love me again.  I have the same Instagram  (I just could not bear to sit and switch that over!), but my Twitter and Facebook pages have been updated, so please feel free to follow me there, if you have rediscovered me 🙂

I’m off to start writing.

Love always,